Studio Anders Abraham Architects


Anders Abraham Architects is primarily engaged in artistic research, developing experimental projects from conceptual proposals to master plans and the design of individual buildings or structures.

The work is grounded in the poetics and theoretical framework formulated in my book A NEW NATURE, 9 architectural conditions between liquid and solid, published in 2009.

We are interested in a very close connection between idea, context and fabrication. We pursue open systems as a basis for planning across scales, and seek to develop rules and systems that can form complex indexical spaces and physical clusters that create spatial architectural conditions rather than forms.

Architectural conditions do not have clear boundaries and can create connections and correlations with a composite organized context. Understanding the world as a complex condition and incorporating the notion of the multiple in each part and detail in a project is a common thread that runs through many of the projects in the studio and in the works of the students.

Anders Abraham lecture extensively and run workshops at architecture schools nationally and internationally – latest at the Hong Kong University. I the last 15 years Anders Abraham  has exhibited widely in galleries and museums, among them the International Architecture Biennale in Venice, I 2012 a comprehensive solo exhibition in the Norwegian Architecture Center, DogA, in Oslo, Norway, and in DAC in 2015.

The work is founded on a understanding that social responsibility and the social contract is fundamental and essential for the development of architecture today. We believe that architecture provides fundamental values that are crucial to the construction of a meaningful and coherent society.

Architecture’s major importance in society imparts us with an artistic and moral responsibility to immerse ourselves into the field of architecture and to create new statements that are inspiring and important to our lives.

Anders Abraham is currently Head of the Master’s Program in Art and Architecture at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture, in Copenhagen where I am Professor in Artistic Research and responsible for developing the field of artistic research. I also run Anders Abraham Architects, an independent practice established in 1993.

Anders Abraham as Head of the Master’s Program in Art and Architecture as well as principal in Anders Abraham Architects is founded on a basic structure of artistic research where I distinguish between three categories of works: imaginary projects, project proposals and realized projects.

In a continuing movement between the three categories of works a model for artistic research is formed.

This oscillation between abstract and concrete, between ideas and the physical, between architecture and the world is essential for the development of depth and precision in the formation of a reflective practice.