Studio Anders Abraham Architects

Points Between Lines

Justin prepress

Category: Commission on behalf of The Danish Arts Foundation,
The Committee for Environmental/Public Art, 2008
Status: Realisation 2009
Consultant: Engineer Ole Vangaard
Client: CVU Øresund University College, Campus Rådmandsmarken
Location: Sigurdsgade 24, 2200 Copenhagen N, Denmark

The yellow brick building was constructed by Dansk Filtvare-
fabrik (the Danish Felt Factory) in 1924, and today it forms part of CVU Øresund University College. The building is located in a mixed area with small industrial buildings.
The industrial buildings differ a great deal; they vary in height, materials and appearance. Most are one-storey buildings, and this generally makes the larger and taller buildings stand out
as detached buildings. The area is not perceived as a block
structure, but rather as a densification in which the buildings
follow the lines of the streets and are positioned at right angles to the streets. All in all, the area exudes a sense of being at the edge of the city – rough and unclear in its
organisation, but interesting in its multiplicity. Today, the area points back to the city’s near past, to a time when it was
full of workshops and light industry. This gives the area
an atmosphere of absence and loss.
Since its construction in 1924, the Felt Factory has undergone
a series of transformations, and the house is now marked by many traces of the area’s history and the changing times.
To a great extent, the original house has been destroyed, and
what is left today is a house created by changing needs and financial cycles, without any sensitivity to the former Felt
Factory as architecture.

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